Phil Anderson Partners With Mummu Media To Create Phil Anderson Cycling Tours


Australia’s most successful cyclist, Phil Anderson and global sports innovator, Mummu Media are pleased to announce their new partnership and the establishment of Phil Anderson Cycling Tours (PACT).


Mummu Media will create, promote and sell cycling packages for the world’s most popular cycling events using Mr Anderson’s deep industry knowledge, expertise and relationships. PACT will offer a broad cycling product range from rider and non rider coach tours to exclusive VIP experiences and will initially focus on the European Cycling Season.


This new partnership will replace Mr Anderson’s previous travel and touring business. PACT will benefit from Mummu Media’s global reach, packaging expertise and buying power.


PACT is launching with arguably the most famous annual sports event in the world, the Tour de France (2011), an event Mr Anderson knows intimately. Phil Anderson was the first non European to ever secure the iconic ‘yellow jersey’ and is truly a pioneer of Cycling. He wore the coveted ‘yellow jersey’ on eleven occasions.


Mr Anderson is enthusiastic about the launch of PACT and said, “I am excited to lend my years of experience and understanding to grow a business that creates the best cycling experiences for the events that mean so much to me and millions of cycling fans throughout the world.”


“Partnering with someone of Phil Anderson’s iconic status and deep expertise is a tremendous opportunity for Mummu Media and we are very confident that Phil Anderson Cycling Tours will prove to be a wonderful addition to our investment into the cycling community” said Adam Jacoby, Managing Director of Mummu Media.


PACT tours will be launched on October 1 via There will also be a direct link from


Mummu Media is part of the Sportsnet group of companies, recently awarded the BRW/ANZ Fastest Growing Private Business.