Sportsnet Corporation Launches Mummu Media to Capitalise On Global Growth


Sportsnet™ Corporation, the world’s leading dedicated sports travel group, announces a major organisational restructure effective today. In response to its market leading and award winning growth over the past 18 months, Sportsnet™ Corporation CEO, Adam Jacoby, has stepped down from the position of Chief Executive of Sportsnet™ to assume the role of Managing Director of newly created entity Mummu Media.


Mummu Media will operate the global media, rights and advisory activity for the Sportsnet™ Corporation group of companies and assume independent commercial activities, particularly in the white label online travel sector.


Effective immediately, all Sportsnet™ Corporation white label and pipeline business activities including: Polo World Travel, Racing World Travel, FuelTV World Travel, Eezego1, Phil Anderson Cycling Tours and UCI Travel will be transferred to Mummu Media, as will major rights activity and a new advisory service for the media and sport industries.


Sportnet™ Corporation will create a number of other specialised independent subsidiaries, starting with an IT / Digital organisation, the details of which will be announced to the market in the coming months.


Sportsnet™ Corporation Executive Chairman and Founder, Rob Cecconi is buoyed by the corporate restructure, and today said, “Sportsnet™ has been able to differentiate itself in the market through innovation, entrepreneurship and its unique media strategy. Our board is very excited about expanding our reach and entrepreneurial activities throughout the world and Mummu Media will be the perfect vehicle to do that.”.


Mummu Media Managing Director, Adam Jacoby is similarly enthusiastic about the restructure, “The board of Sportsnet™ Corporation has made an insightful and exciting decision to allow the core business to run in parallel to its entrepreneurial and market leading media activities and both will now have the freedom and support to flourish in their own right.”


Both Mr Cecconi and Mr Jacoby are available for further comment on the restructure and can be reached on:


Sportsnet™ Corporation HQ: 03 9482 9411


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