Kiteboarding Australia

Key Highlights:

  • Developed Kiteboarding Australia, National Sports Organisation
  • Engaged Australian Sports Commission
  • Developed organisation guidelines, policies and structural documents
  • Developed four year strategic plan
  • Implemented two years of strategic plan
  • Acted as strategic adviser and mentor to President and Board,

Services Provided:

  • Commercial Advisory,
  • Sports Governance,
  • Stakeholder Relations,
  • Market Research
  • Functions and Events,
  • Fan Engagement & VIP Experiences.

Organisation Overview:

As the peak body for Kiteboarding in Australia, KA is responsible for the representation and development of the sport. Its focus is on the delivery of leadership, governance and best practice safety for its members and the kiteboarding community.

In May 2012, the ISAF Council voted to replace windsurfing with kitesurfing and reaffirmed that vote on 9 November 2012. However, on 10 November 2012, the delegates at the International Sailing Federation’s General Assembly voted to keep windsurfing at the 2016 Olympic Games overturning the ISAF Council’s earlier votes to replace it with kitesurfing.

During this period, Kiteboarding in Australia needed to create a National Sporting Body to feed Rio 2016 and as such contacted Mummu Sport to assist.

Project Overview:

Kiteboarding Australia invested the help of Mummu Sport’s advisory services to assist with a major restructure for the national body to ensure successful governance of the sport for all Australians. Mummu Sport won a national tender to deliver the project.

Beginning with a multi-day strategic architecture workshop involving all key stakeholders of the sport including federation executives, athletes, retailers, commercial partners and fans. Mummu worked with the Kiteboarding Australia legal team to construct a new constitution, members agreement and key organisational policies and procedures.

Mummu was then commissioned to undertake industry wide research and create a four year strategic model encompassing; governance, commercial, membership, event development, stakeholder relations , marketing, brand and government relations.

Following board sign off of the 2013-2017 plan, Mummu placed a part time Administrator into the Kiteboarding Headquarters to manage the successful implementation of the strategy. This administrator has since been placed full time within Kiteboarding Australia.

What Worked and Why

Mummu partnered with Kiteboarding Australia through an exciting growth period of the sport. Experience in international sports governance and commercial strategy allowed Mummu to offer great insight to a young national sports body and as such created a valuable long term strategic plan for all stakeholders and shareholders.

Over two years, Mummu acted as an adviser, mentor, manager and administrator during a high growth period in the organisation’s life-cycle. The support allowed the board and key stakeholders to focus on internal strengths allowing the creation of the National Kiteboarding League (NKL) amongst other major successes.

Client:                  Kiteboarding Australia Ltd

Reporting to:      Campbell King, President

Location:             Melbourne, Australia

Project Dates:    July 2012 – August 2014