Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015

Key Highlights:

  • Sold $2.78m, 70% of ticket revenue
  • Managed distribution of 8,663 ticket packages across 8 countries
  • Generated $1.5m in additional revenue to NWC through OTA Program (additional to ticket revenue)
  • Sold over $491,000 in merchandise
  • Sold $748,000 in ancillary events


Services Provided:

  • Travel Office Development,
  • Delegate & Official Travel,
  • Team Logistics,
  • VIP Experiences,
  • Hospitality,
  • Accommodation Contracting,
  • Ground Transport Contracting,
  • Fan Engagement, Ticketing


Event Overview:

From 7-16 August 2015, the world’s top 16 netball nations will gather in Sydney for the 14th edition of the Netball World Cup (formerly World Netball Championships).
Held every four years since 1963, Netball World Cup is the pinnacle event for international netball.
The Netball World Cup is a celebration of the continued growth and impact of netball globally with this 14th edition elevating the event to the best and biggest the sport has ever seen.

Mummu Sport played a critical strategic role in the development and delivery of the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 after winning the tender to deliver the Travel, Logistics and Commercial elements of the event.

Mummu Sport was engaged to provide Travel, Logistics and Commercial services to the event. Mummu’s CEO took the role of General Manager, Travel Office to oversee the delivery of all travel and logistics requirements of event stakeholders including teams, officials, media, delegates and fans with the particular emphasis placed on cost management and revenue generation. Mummu Sport contracted and sold close to 6,000 hotel room nights across Sydney.

We also assisted in the creation of the event ticketing and commercial strategy and in doing so developed a global Official Travel Agent’s (OTA) licensing program. The Travel Office managed the contracting, distribution and operational management of key event assets including:

  • Event tickets – designed strategy to maximise yield on ticket assets.
  • Hospitality – developed strategy for key event assets and delivered
  • Functions – developed and sold four major event functions totalling 9,850 guests
  • Merchandise – strategic planning and pre-sales of over 20% of total sales
  • VIP Experiences – designed and delivered VIP experiences to over 1,000 fans
  • Event Operations – venue operations and ground logistics

What Worked and Why

Through the creation and management of the NWC2015 Travel Office, Mummu helped the organisers of NWC2015 guarantee a large number of ticket, merchandise, hotel and ancillary revenues as early as December 2014 (8 month before the commencement of the event).

This success and knowledge of who will be attending has assisted NWC2015 in its operational planning and accurate budgeting.

Being held in Australia, large amounts of fans travelled from NZ to attend the event and the OTA Program gave NWC2015 a committed (financially), experienced and well resources retail network in its major market of NZ. Over 3,500 fans travelled across for the event with NWC2015 earning revenue from every customer.

Client:                  Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015

Reporting to:     Marne Fechner, CEO

Location:            Sydney, Australia

Event Dates:      7-16 August 2015

Project Dates:   November 2013 – October 2015